Capital Area Minor Football Association
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  1. Scheduled games and practices will normally be held in the event of inclement weather conditions, i.e. rain, wind or cold.
  2. Program Coordinators (with consultation with the President and/or VP’s) will be responsible for determining if games or practices should be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions. The committee will consult with weather information sources, affected teams and officials as they deem appropriate.
  3. Extreme weather conditions would include a forecast of lightning, freezing rain, very heavy rain, very high winds or a combination thereof.
  4. Games may also be postponed by the owners of the host field (usually due to unfit field conditions).
  5. In the event of a cancellation – a representative of the committee (referenced in #2 above) will personally advise the teams involved and the official’s liaison as early as possible to avoid initiating any associated travel. All teams will provide the committee with a contact person.
  6. If a game has already begun and extreme conditions identified in #3 above were to commence, the officials have the right to suspend play immediately. The officials may subsequently cancel the game following a 15-minute delay if, in their judgement, the risk persists. In the event of an occurrence of lightning during a game, all participants should be advised to immediately leave the playing field and seek shelter. If a game is at or beyond the halfway point when cancelled, the game will deem to have been completed. If a game is at less than the halfway point when cancelled, it will be treated as a postponement, and if possible will be rescheduled as per item #7 below.
  7. In the event of a game postponement, the Scheduler will endeavour to reschedule the game at the earliest opportunity, subject to the availability of teams, fields and officials.
  8. It should be noted that parents make the final decision as to whether it is safe for their child to travel to a game or practice