Capital Area Minor Football Association
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The Capital Area Minor Football Association awards bursaries to students graduating from Capital Area High Schools, for the purposes of assisting their education beyond the High School level.  

As much as $1,000 will be awarded at the end of every school year. This amount may be given to one student or may be divided up among as many as four students. Students graduating from any Capital Area High School are eligible to apply. 

Applicants must have participated in an organized tackle football program, in any capacity (as a player, official, coach, manager, etc.), for a minimum of three years. To be eligible for these bursaries, applicants must be enrolling in a post-secondary educational institution school in the autumn following graduation from high school. It is not required that applicants plan to play football or be involved in a football program at that institution. 

Applicants should apply in writing outlining their:  

- Academic standing (transcript of marks)

- Athletic background

- Community involvement

- Financial need

- Plans for future education  

The merits of each application will be judged on the basis of the above criteria. Letters of application should also include the names, addresses and phone numbers of three references, with at least one reference letter included. (Relatives of the applicant will not be considered suitable references).  

Applications must be postmarked no later than May 15 and mailed to:  

Capital Area Minor Football Association   
4 Peters Drive
Fredericton, NB 
E3G 0L2

Please include the following information with your application...  

1.       Name    
2.       Address  
3.       Age and Date of Birth  
4.       Football teams or Associations you have been affiliated with    
5.       Fathers Name and Occupation    
6.       Mothers Name and Occupation     
7.       Educational Background 
                    Elementary Schools 
                    Middle Schools 
                    High Schools    
8.       Other Children in the family and their ages    
9.       Plans for future education     
10.     Interests and activities outside the school, (Church and Community)    
11.     Other assistance you have received    
12.     Any special situations we should consider 

For more information contact Malcolm Appleby at 506-260-2893 or
Each bursary will be paid to the post-secondary educational institution on behalf of the award winner in the second semester upon proof of satisfactory completion of the first semester and the student’s registration for the second semester. A copy of the student's first semester marks and a list of courses registered for in the second semester is to be mailed to the address above.