Capital Area Minor Football Association
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Welcome to the Capital Area Minor Football Association!  Since 1973, we have been dedicated to developing youth and growing the sport of Football in the Greater Fredericton Area. 

At CAMFA we believe that there are ultimately only two things our athletes can control; Their Attitude and Effort, and it is our objective to teach the meaning of these words so they can carry this belief on to all the fields of their lives.  

As an association, we are passionate about the sport of Football and developing the youth in our community.   Football is an exciting and fun sport that values athletes of all shapes and sizes.  The bonds made amongst players and those lessons learned on the field will carry forward for a lifetime.  

In our sport, there truly is a position for everyone! 


Inspiring youth to believe in themselves, while cultivating values to reach the potential life holds. 



To provide a positive sporting experience for Athletes through quality Football programs.  We offer youth the opportunity to learn the value of teamwork, build self-confidence and resilience; while developing transferable life and athletic skills.


Our Motto:

"Attitude & Effort"


It is our objective to help our youth understand what they can control. Although an individual athlete cannot control everything that happens on a football field, it is our belief that they can control their Attitude and Effort.

When it comes to learning new skills or dealing with adversity, having a positive attitude and a good work ethic is invaluable to the individual athlete and their team.


Our Values: 





Work ethic